Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Need a Weekend... And Drugs

In case I wasn't already having a fabulous enough month, tonight my arm started to hurt from the elbow to the pinkie, and then went numb.


Monday, December 10, 2007

You Have No Idea

Seriously. No idea what we just went through.

So I am sure I have mentioned approximately 60 times that my cat Jolee is a polydactyl. Which means he has 7-8 toes on his front feet. (I say 7-8 because, well, they're sort of hidden in long straggly fur and I'm not sure I've even seen this alleged eighth toe my vet says he found.) I was told the last time I went that I need to clip his toenails so they don't get ingrown. I said, "OK, sure, OK." I am all about my cat's health, because he is my Floofer and I love him very much.

But yeah right. He doesn't sit on laps, he barely tolerates being picked up, and there is no WAY he would ever let me near him with nail clippers. We are talking about a cat who freaks out when a letter falls through the mail slot. But I figured, hey, he has a scratching post, and I manage to grab his paws every once in awhile while he's sleepy to make sure everything's OK in there... until the other night, when I realized he has a nail possibly embedded in his paw that is roughly the length of my big toenail. Seriously, this thing is an inch long. It's on one of his "fake" toes that hangs out between his regular cat toes and his "thumb" toes. It is huge and curved and it might or might not have grown into the pad of his foot. He's not limping, and he doesn't seem to be in pain. I thought I could feel the edge of it, and I wanted to get a better look and maybe have a go at it with the nail clippers.

So we hatched a plan. Jolee has this thing where he has to come running whenever I am on the toilet. Don't ask me how he knows I'm on the toilet. He just does. So during halftime of the Saints game, I went in the bathroom. What was supposed to happen was that Mike was going to sneak up nonchalantly and come join me in the bathroom, at which point he would shut the door, trapping the cat. Then we were going to get him with a towel and I would try to clip the giant toenail.

Well. Jolee was traipsing across the threshold, when he somehow sensed Mike getting off the couch all the way out in the living room. I swear, he must be smarter than I give him credit for, but he bolted. Mike shut all the doors so he had nowhere to go but the kitchen. Then the howl of death started. (If you have a Siamese-ish cat or a generally loud cat, you know this howl.) At this point it is important to note that no one had even approached him, so I don't know how he came to the conclusion that we had murder in our hearts. He charged at the LATCHED BEDROOM DOOR with his head, and headbutted it open. Then we tried to chase him out from under the bed. This lasted about 20 minutes. There was much sweat, and white fur clumps were flying. He was hissing and yowling and doing his open-mouthed hyperventilating thing.

When we finally managed to squish him in the bathroom and restrain him with a towel, he peed on the floor in panic. I checked out the paw, only to conclude that, if the nail wasn't already growing into the pad, there was no space to get the clippers in between and cut the nail anyway. I'm going to have to take him to the vet to have this thing expensively removed. On the good side, it's not hurting him, so I'm just going to lull him into a sense of false safety by waiting till Saturday morning. I feel awful that I never saw or felt this huge nail, and I feel like a huge wimp that I can't cut my cat's toenails myself, but at this point I'm afraid if I tried, it would bleed all over the place.

Why do I have to have the world's most high-maintenance cat???

He has rejoined us in the living room, but is currently sulking under the futon, resenting me because I "made" him pee on his own tail. He is very vain about his tail.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Prince Caspian Trailer

My opinion?


Reeks of NFTTB to me (Not Faithful to the Book). Tell me all you want about books not translating well to the screen and the need for changes blah blah blah, I don't really care. I don't support this whole "Americans won't see this movie... what it really needs is a completely superfluous yawner of a fight scene! That's IT!" strategy of moviemaking. Strangely, I found I enjoyed the first Narnia movie less than the old junky BBC version from the 80's.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Story of the Week!

Via the New York Times: A Razor-Sharp Focus Trumps Uncertainty

PORT SULPHUR, La., Dec. 4 — The smell of gasoline fills the ruined gym each evening as a generator sputters to life. A string of bulbs provides thin lighting above the weight-lifting equipment that sits on a warped and abandoned basketball court. A makeshift dressing area for the South Plaquemines High football team spreads beneath one backboard, where floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina rose above the rim, 10 feet off the floor.

...There will be plenty of bright lights and varmint-free locker space Saturday when South Plaquemines (12-2) plays for a Class 1A state championship in the Superdome, 45 miles north in New Orleans, completing a remarkable season of perseverance and indomitable spirit.

And they had the whole town lining the highway to see them off, and a full police escort with sirens blaring all the way up to the Superdome. They passed me on my way home from work. I honked!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Got My Neck Cracked Today

For the first time since my accident. I think it's OK, but I have been warned it might be stiff or sore tomorrow. I don't know. I'm falling asleep. All I do these days is fall asleep. Yesterday (?) I came home, was reading on the couch at 5:00, decided to take a short nap, woke up at 7:00, ate dinner and watched a couple of Sports Night on DVD, decided to take another nap, woke up at 10:00, hung out for an hour, then went to actual bed. You would think that since I did NOTHING BUT SLEEP yesterday I would not be tired tonight. But no. I'm falling asleep.

So. Off to bed again. I'm on drugs. I'm supremely useless.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stuff, Stuff...

  • My new car is bluer than yours. I can say this confidently, because I am quite sure it's bluer than any car that was ever blue. You'll see, when I post pictures.

  • I think everyone who possesses the remotest smidgen of humanist/liberal/open-minded sentiments should go see The Golden Compass on opening weekend, just to counteract the predictable B.S. coming from the religious right. We are.

  • Last night we were at the best basketball game I've ever seen. Not that I had seen much basketball before we got Hornets season tickets, but it was a great game. They got the ball to Peja and tied it up with seconds left, then plowed over Dallas in OT. Too bad most of New Orleans was still drunk from the LSU game and missed it.

  • Speaking of which, they are trying to drag out the BCS football selection thing on TV, and it is totally lame. Seeing as the internet already beat them to it. NOT that I care whatsoever about college football, but I happened to be on and they had the news about LSU hours ago. When will people realize that TV is obsolete?

  • In other news, I've bought a new domain and am putting the finishing touches on what will become the new home of this blog. But I'm not moving until it's all ready. And I promise to write more. My life is slooooowwwly coming back under control. I hope.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spending the Month Dead

So I apologize for lack of posting here... and lack of answering e-mails... and lack of posting, well, elsewhere I post. I'm spacing out on prescription drugs right now. Nothing too crazy, just a non-narcotic painkiller and an anti-inflammatory. But my co-workers laughed at how totally zoned my eyes looked this morning. Hah. I thought people who were in tons of pain after car accidents were fakers, but it's really thrown me off. Part of it might be that I didn't exactly have the perfect spine to begin with. I have scoliosis, with seven fused vertebrae and stainless steel rods, so not going to the doctor to get checked out was never an option for me. It's really more my neck than my back so far, though. I am swollen across the back of my shoulders. I'm getting headaches at the base of my neck, and I am really limited in how far I can turn my head.

I am getting the paperwork from Allstate tomorrow, and I will have to buy a new car this weekend. I think I will probably lease, however. Right now I'm looking at the Honda Fit. I wasn't even aware it existed till I went to the dealership, but it is itty-bitty and European and gas-efficient. It's sort of grown on me. I would, naturally, be getting the obnoxiously bright blue one.

Sucks to be me. I am going to wallow in a hot shower now.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Bad day.

Car is totalled. Still owe $11,000 on car. In the best thing that happened today, discovered I had apparently purchased gap insurance (who remembers these things? But my signature is on the line), so don't have to owe finance company $2K on car. WHICH WOULD BE SO UNFAIR.

With all the money I basically threw away, I guess I might as well have leased.

Need new car for $0 down payment.

Sad. :-(

My caaaaarrrrr!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Twiddling My Thumbs

I am just sitting around waiting for the Progressive people to come tow my car away. (Waaahhh, my caaaaaaar!) And for the Allstate people to call and get me a freakin' rental car. Because otherwise, I have a doctor's appointment at 3:30 that I will not be able to get to. It's not far away, I suppose I could walk. But like... ouch. WTF. "Hi, I was injured in a car accident and I am HIKING TO THE DOCTOR!"

I need to go clean out my car. I also need to shower. I bought a new domain name yesterday. You know, just for fun. Because that is what people like me do when they are bored. So it looks like I'll be moving over there soon. I'm not in a hurry yet, though. I want to get it set up and looking nice first. I went as far as putting up two pages and installing a Wordpress theme. Well, about ten Wordpress themes I can't choose between. But I was frustrated by the fact that I have no graphics editor on my Mac, and Mike was playing KOTOR II all day on the desktop. I can't make a new site without graphics. Oh no no no. I also played around with iWeb on the Mac. It made me a semi-cute basic page, but I got pissed at it because it won't let you edit code directly. Also, it converts your images into PNGs, which makes the load time ridiculously long because the file size is ridiculously large. Will have to download onto the other computer, fix, and re-upload.

Meh. Maybe I'll just load up Star Wars: Battlefront and blow stuff up instead.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ouch, Says My Car

And I say, "Ouch," too.

Only I have the luck to bust out of work early and be on my way to have a celebratory Thanksgiving Break drink at the Bulldog with a co-worker... and then get in a car accident. I was in the Irish Channel, with its web of one way streets and stop signs, when a giant black truck came out from my left and I couldn't brake in time. My left hand hit something, both airbags exploded at me, my front windshield cracked, and my horn was stuck blaring permanently.

All these people came out of the corner bar to see if everyone was OK, and I was very out of it, but the first thoughts that wandered through my head were,
1) Shit, was it my stop sign? It wasn't my stop sign, was it? OH GOOD, it wasn't.
2) At least he crunched in the side of the bumper that was already scratched when some idiot backed into me outside St. Joe's and took off. Which is now going to get fixed for free.

So. I have this red spot of my hand that feels like a rug burn, along with a cut, which must be from the air bag, and a couple of other red spots on my left arm. My right knee must have gotten jammed or something (I had it extended with the brake all the way down to the floor), because it's feeling a little iffy. Not painful, just iffy. Today my neck is sore. My hand swelled up yesterday, but it's gone down. My poor car though... the front bumper, hood, the front panel on the driver's side, the windshield, two air bags, and my seat belt is inexplicably broken.

All in all, it's more of a pain in the butt than anything else, once I got over the initial shock. From the windshield cracking and the air bags going off, and the pain in my hand, I expected to find the whole front end smashed in, but it doesn't look that bad. Neither of us were going over 25, I doubt. I'm not at fault, and the guy had just bought his truck (so it sucked for him too) and has full coverage. Also, he was a pretty chill guy to get hit by, which was helpful since we had to stand and wait for the cops for over an hour. You'd think in the sketchy part of the Irish Channel, we'd have run into one sooner, but it seems they vacated the premises rather than deal with our boring car wreck. We looked in my manual and figured out how to pull out the fuse for the horn, so it finally shut off. He was a waiter, which I'd figured immediately from his outfit and the fact that he'd just gotten off work. Who but waitstaff and teachers is just getting off at 3:00? He had barely any damage to his truck. I just bounced right off. Nice to be large. The lady next door stuck her head out to say that she'd heard the crash but didn't even get up-- there's about one every two days at that intersection.

So. Now I have to spend the first part of my break on the phone with Allstate and Progressive, and possibly at a doctor's appointment. Whoo. They are coming Monday to tow my car away. Poor car.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I am gonna go with, "There's something wrong with me and my body needed a sick day after all," because I just slept for over 11 hours.

I have so far spent my day doing bills and being irritated with the fact that I can't quite hear out of my ears properly.

And no, I do not need a rental car or a list of things to do in Albany, thank you. I already have someone picking me up, and frankly, there's not much to do in Albany. Haha. (Bought plane tickets for Xmas... going to be there Saturday 12/22 through Saturday 12/29, for those of you who care.)

Why Do I Feel So Guilty???

So I called in sick today for the first time in... geez... how long has it been since I even had paid sick days? Anyhow, I have been struggling with a sinus thing since the weekend, and spent the day yesterday with a headache like a vise around my head and just feeling generally shaky. Plus my voice is going. At the end of the day, I made all my copies and left detailed plans on my desk, just in case. The thing about me and colds is I like to merrily pretend they don't exist, and as a result, they just get worse and last longer.

And now, of course, here I am and I feel horribly guilty and can't get back to sleep. This may also be related to the fact that I passed out on the couch at 9:00 PM last night, so I've already had my eight hours. I guess I should probably go back to bed. I wish I wasn't so ingrained with this sense of guilt though. I know it's going to be hard for them to find someone to cover for me, because they're short people. But also I'm used to just soldiering on, going to work anyway, and dragging myself around being miserable all day. But, like, this isn't exactly a job you can do if your voice goes. Part of my guilt is based on next week being Thanksgiving Break. I am off for 9 days starting Saturday, so it is a frustratingly dumb time to have to take a sick day.

I don't know why I am being so obsessive, like, "Maybe they'll question my sickness! Maybe I'll get in trouble! Maybe they'll hate me!" I am certainly the only one on my hall who hasn't taken a day yet, and it's been three months since I started working. Plus I've already gone to work sick several times. I obviously need to get over it. But I have this guilt thing.

My cats are swarming me, and Starbuck is batting at my tissue like she's about to shred it. Silly cats. OK, time to get back in bed and try to make my head work again.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Not quite to our house yet, but running from Napoleon to downtown. :-)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

BSG Creator Ron Moore Answers Questions over on the SciFi Boards

And I quote:

QUOTE(sighphi @ Jun 5 2007, 06:31 PM) *
Are you going to explain what the Cylon plan was?

The Cylons have a plan?

OK, not funny. Not even a little.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pretty Pretty

I got a new toy...

This is my dude. He's pretty hot. But as far as I can tell, everyone in Guild Wars is really, really, really ridiculously good-looking. What I actually wanted was a female Elementalist, but I made one and deleted her after Level 4 because I decided I could not stare at her boobs hanging out the entire game. I just couldn't. This was after I went on the internet and confirmed that all the Elementalist armor looks like that, not just the outfit you start the game with. Then I wanted a Mesmer, because of the clothes, but I hated all the faces, and besides, that type of magic isn't really my thing. Then I wanted a Ranger, because I loved the hairs, only I didn't want a Ranger, because I just played one in Neverwinter Nights. Then I felt like the most hopelessly superficial gamer in the world, and gave up and made this guy. I have played maybe one male character in the history of ever, but at least he has clothes on. Also, he's a hottie, isn't he?

But today I also made this warrior, and I think she looks pretty bad-ass. I don't know if I'm going to get around to playing with her for a while, though. I should also mention that I have NO. CLUE. WHAT. I. AM. DOING in Guild Wars. I am not at all used to having other actual people running around me when I'm gaming, and it sort of weirds me out. Luckily for now I have the option of just ignoring them and running around the countryside by myself.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The 10 Most Terrifyingly Inspirational 80's Songs

Of course, I just love things like this... My particular favorite highlight:

"Don’t Stop Believing" by Journey

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who love Journey ironically and people who love Journey genuinely. People who love Journey ironically are mostly leather-clad hipsters in second-hand vintage T-shirts, smoking cloves and hanging with strung-out androgynous she-boys outside used record stores. As for people who love Journey genuinely, they do so because of this song. Say what you will about Steve Perry (For example: He looks like Paris Hilton with Down Syndrome) but the man could sing.

"Don’t Stop Believing" is in many ways the ultimate Journey song, packed to the gills with the staples of '80s rock. It includes vague references to singing in bars, drinking, cheap perfume, taking your chances, livin' in the city, romance at midnight, a jaded city boy, a lonely small-town girl, and a mysterious train whose destination, one assumes, is rock 'n' roll.

Oh, so well put. Naturally I fall into the second group.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sorry, Sorry, Nothing to See Here

Very busy, had company in town this week, and in my (scant) free time, have been off doing other pursuits. So I am updating quickly to confirm that I am still alive.

In other news, now that I have (semi) conquered PC gaming, Mike thought it would be fun to do the Star Wars RPG together. Me, I feel like I am crossing some geek threshold, because it is one thing to play KOTOR on the computer, but it is entirely something else to sit around your coffee table rolling dice. I am intrigued, though. I have never done this before. It involves a lot more math than I expected. But I don't know what the plot is yet. Because he won't let me look at it.

In the process of gearing up for this pinnacle of geekery, I discovered what might be the coolest site ever: Star Wars Artists' Guild. It's a bunch of people who have drawn pictures of their characters, all different species, only they are far better at it than I am. I'm so impressed and fascinated by the art there.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Traumatized, Never Leaving House Again

I thought it was bad when I arrived at the lot to discover that where I'd parked this morning was now a rather large pond.

Then my car floated on General DeGaulle. And I realized it could be much, much worse.


When I reached my house (an hour later) the water on our street had receded. But I parked on the lawn anyhow. Oh no. I am not playing.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Never Mind Jindal

I have been checking election results all evening, and I really don't want to go there. So, something completely different, but also (bonus!) political. Via Daily Kos, some ideas for a new Constitutional Convention.

My personal favorite being:

Amendment 30: From now on, "pro-life" has to mean what any reasonable person thinks it means, or you don't get to call yourself that, upon penalty of being beaten senseless with seafood. If you spend your time blustering about how we're going to kick some Iraqi ass, or which cities or religious hubs need to be bombed into a "sheet of glass", or explaining how children don't really need healthcare, if their parents had the blinding audacity to get jobs someplace that refuses to offer it, you forfeit the term.

Similar punishments will be meted out for abuse of the terms "compassionate", "patriotic", and "news".


But then, I live in a state that just elected a governor who supports the teaching of intelligent design in schools. So who am I to make fun of Republicans?


Book Meme!

I was tagged by Fantasy Writer Guy for this, and I completely forgot to do it! But I do love books, oh yes, so here goes.

Number of books owned:

According to LibraryThing, about 400. Except I haven't updated that in awhile, and that's not counting the three bookshelves still at my parents' house. So I'll say 600 and we'll call it an estimate.

Most recently read:

The Ghost Orchid, Carol Goodman. I randomly picked up one of her other books, The Lake of Dead Languages, a couple of years ago because she was on the local author shelf when I was home for Christmas and also, wow, good title. And now she is one of my favorite authors, if you're into reading about... writers, ghosts, gothic stuff. Which I am. Extra special bonus is that all her books are set where I grew up. There aren't enough Albany shout-outs in literature!

Most recently purchased:

It would be Red Seas Under Red Skies, by Scott Lynch, but it was free, so I'm not sure it counts. Anyway, it was most recently ordered, and I am still not through it because I've had a rather stressful last few weeks at work and haven't had enough time to read. Sigh.

Five most meaningful books read:

Oooh, tough question. These are in no particular order.

1. The Awakening, Kate Chopin.

My feminist sentiments can be traced back to right here.

2. A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin.

Totally blew my mind in that it was unlike any other fantasy I'd read. Mainly because of what happens at the end and the huge "I can't believe he did that! Did he just do that?" moment. I felt like nothing was sacred or safe anymore.

3. Jitterbug Perfume, Tom Robbins.

Similar to #1, my atheist sentiments can be traced back here.

4. Beloved, Toni Morrison.

This was the first time I read a book and hated it, then went back and read it again, only to have it knock me over with how good it was. I think it was also the first time I appreciated a book as art. Particularly the mix of poetry and prose. It was one of those "I bow before the master" moments. This book is that good.

5. The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien.

The first fantasy book I ever read. Read to me by my dad when I was eight or so. Read over and over as my absolute favorite comfort reading.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Go Awaaaaayyy

This is a list of exactly what fell through the slot for today's mail:

17 pieces of ElectionCrap.
1 menu from Italian Pie.

SEVENTEEN, people. In today's mail alone. I am still stuck on that, and it has been half an hour since I slipped on it walking through the front door. I hate this primary, and I hate the constant local ads, and I hate all the candidates for governor, none of whom are remotely liberal enough for me to vote for in good conscience. And I hate that I'm going to have to vote for one of them anyway, for the sole purpose of taking one vote away from Bobby Jindal and hoping he gets forced into a runoff.

This city's local politicking hits a level of ridiculousness not to be found anywhere else in the U.S. Seriously.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Remember When...

I put "d) was eaten by a pack of wild dogs" as an option for my Nathan Hale multiple choice exam question... aaaand two kids picked it?

Yeah. That was today.

That's it. I quit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BWS: Blogging While Sweaty

Actually, I changed my mind. I just got back from the gym, and I'm gross. Instead of blogging while sweaty, I'm going to do the right thing and take a shower.

For once.

You can go about your business. Nothing to see here...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Good Article Today

The New York Times re: the black women's vote.

“They stand at the intersection of race, class and gender,” he said. “Black men say to them, ‘Sister, are you with us?’ and at the same time white women say, ‘Sister, are you with us?’”

I especially liked this bit:
Betty McClain, 51, a bus driver who was waiting to have her hair done at Miss Clara’s, said after Ms. Baia left that she liked what she heard about Mr. Obama. But she likes Mrs. Clinton, too. “She’s already been president before,” Ms. McClain said approvingly, dismissing Bill Clinton’s role in his own administration. “He was just there,” Ms. McClain said of Mr. Clinton. “He was just the husband, that’s all. She really ran the country.”


Fall! Glorious Fall!

This is officially the nicest, coolest day we've had yet. An almost-crispy fall day of the type I wished we had more down here. I checked the weather, and it appears to be 70 degrees. Growing up in the Northeast, that doesn't even seem that cool. But considering it's been 95 for the last several months and we've been running the A/C constantly, it was so nice to wake up and feel cool because the house was cool and the low overnight was 60. For some reason, it has appeared to energize my cats. They seem to have come alive. I thought they were walking all over me, purring and bouncing, because they wanted food. But no, they had full food and water dishes. I think they're just pepped up because the window is open and they can hear the birds. Although I think Jolee following me around is going to get old fast, because I have already tripped on him twice.

And lo, I will even treat you to a Saturday morning picture of me and my coffee. I don't know why, because I look icky in the morning. I still have my dead-eyed glasses-on look. But I am strangely energized too, and excited about the fact that I am sitting in my house in jeans and a T-shirt instead of the same sweatshorts-and-tank-top combo I have been wearing for the last 4-5 months. I like the half of my wardrobe I never get to see in the summer. Like jeans! Jeans!